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Popstar Hugot ang Drama!

11 Mar , 2016   Jhesas Lheo


Popstar Hugot ang Drama!   To love you more is all I ever wanted It feels like Forever’s not enough when I’m with you But with a Broken Vow you shattered my heart Sa Iyo ko lang naramdaman ito And If Only I can turn back the time Tunay talaga na ikaw pa rin How […]

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Bakit Nga Ba Ang Sakit?

18 Feb , 2016   Jhesas Lheo

bakit nga ba?

Bakit Nga Ba? Bakit sa ingay ng mundo tila wala akong madinig o pilit ko lamang tinatakpan ang aking mga tenga upang maibsan ang sakit.   Bakit nga ba sasambit pa ng mga salitang di naman mapakikingan kahit tila paos na ang puso ko at gusto kong humiyaw. Sumigaw. Kahit may bibig ay pinipili kong […]

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Special Valentine Budget Tips

6 Feb , 2016   Jhesas Lheo


Valentine Budget Tips Got no idea how to spend the sweetest day in the year yet? There’s really nothing to worry at all because Juan always find a way. You may ask crazy suggestions from a friend or google things up. To help you out plan for the things to do this love month, here’s […]

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Di Ako Choosy!

5 Feb , 2016   Velle


I’m not Choosy! Is to have a crush with men of various sizes, shapes and colors an abnormality? Is it unusual not to have a common feature or trait among the men you find attractive? A close friend’s observation of my diverse list of crushes (interpretation: most of them are not good looking) got me […]


A Day of A UV Express Commuter

3 Feb , 2016   Jhesas Lheo


A day in a life of a UV Express Commuter It’s a beautiful morning, naunahan mo pa nga yung alarm clock today and nakapag-breaky ka pa like a king. You’re just in time, in-fact you are ahead of it, then ‘eto na nasa terminal ka na. You’re still okay ganda ng mood and you get in line just like the […]

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When Friendship and Love Collide

1 Feb , 2016   Velle

I've Never Planned

This is my rational self’s bid to convince my rather dejected ego, to be grateful in the face of a sad truth: I’ve fallen in love with a friend who may never love me back!

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Love Month na Pume-FEB-ibig

1 Feb , 2016   Jhesas Lheo


It’s February 1st! First day of the love month and everyone este most of the people I know are now preparing for their valentine surprises for their better halves

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