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“Unang Sakay” My First LRT Ride

18 Jul , 2017   Jhesas Lheo

It’s been weeks since I’ve been riding the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to go to work and back home because for the obvious reason that it’s the quickest mode of transportation for ones who are living in Cainta but working in Manila. In the past 20 days of me riding the LRT I have experienced quite a number of tiring, hot-heading but kinda funny things in and out of train stations and the train itself so let me start by sharing my first-day experience riding the LRT.


LRT Line 2

LRT 1, From Santolan Terminal Station to Recto Terminal Station

Since it was my first day, I got to the station 30 minutes earlier compared to the time I usually allot when I go to work from our house in Taguig City and not only that, I also have my BEEP card loaded so that I will not have to get in line. It’s 6:15 in the morning, the train has fewer passengers than the usual I guess, and the sun rays are not that striking in short it was a good start. It only took 18 minutes or less from Santolan Terminal Station to Recto Terminal Station.

LRT 2, From Doroteo Jose Station to U.N. Station

6:33 am –  I started walking from Recto Terminal Station to LRT 2 – Doroteo Jose Station by the bridge linking LRT 1 and LRT 2 it was a long walk, ups and down just like Poh of Kung-fu Panda, I hate stairs lol but come to think of it, it was still good for me since I have to lose some weight being diabetic J

If at the first train it all went well, this time it’s way different, totally different! At around 6:40 a.m. fellow commuters were starting to swarm the station not to mention that I have to let pass two trains because it was so crowded (“Yung tipong magkakapalit na kayo ng mukha ng katabi mo ganoong level”). The third train arrived same as the first two trains but luckily I’m the first person in the line so I then tried to make sisik my body to fit in before the door closes. It was more like sardines na talaga may ulo nga lang mga nakasakay haha. Though it’s so full and overly loaded the aircon works better compared to the train I rode from Santolan to Recto station.

LRT 1, From Recto Terminal Station to Santolan Terminal Station

5:45 pm –Since it is a terminal station I have the option to wait for another train if in any case I didn’t get a seat, I chose to wait for one thinking that I’m not in a hurry naman and lucky enough I got to sit while in the train this time. Just as I thought it will not go any worse than the “muntikan ng magkapalit ng mukha and the sardines thingy”, I was wrong! Ganito kasi ’yun, I was sitting next to a girl na di naman kagandahan and she was like looking at me from head to foot (“eh sya naman ‘tong naglalapot”). The girl with the attitude says “Yung siko mo mamboboso!” accusing me that I intentionally bumping her hips (bilbil) with my elbow. With I deep sigh I just said sorry even though at the back of my head I was screaming “Excuse me! Girl you’re not my type and hello di ko favorite ang sinigang na baboy? And isa pang hello di tayo talo ‘no kung sa lalaki nga di ko ginagawa yan sayo pa”, but I remained calm and just let it go, sayang ang energy haha.

Wheew what a day that was, kala ko yung unang sakay ko eh huli na rin but like I said it’s been 20 days and counting na nga haha 🙂


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