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President Duterte’s War on Drugs VS. CHR

19 Sep , 2016   Jhesas Lheo

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That’s what on my mind before I hit the sack last night and that is also my take on the media reports nowadays. Figures can speak for itself but I just can’t comprehend why reports from different media organizations specially from the Philippines are more inclined on the 1105 suspected illegal drug users/pushers who were  killed during a legit police operation.

Am I in favor with the killings? No, I’m just stating a fact. I know that the primary function of the Commission on Human Rights is to investigate ALL forms of human rights violation involving both civil and political rights. I’m not saying that they should close their eyes to the vigilante killings and ignore it. I just want to point out that they along with the MEDIA should also inform the public with these figures and not to focus only on the victims of extrajudicial killings if that’s what they call it. ALL means ALL, then why can’t they roar for the 1,350 victims (for this year alone) of crime committed by illegal drug users and pushers such as theft, murder, rape, homicide etc. What happened to the Lumads, to the farmers of Hacienda Luisita? To me they are the REAL VICTIMS of summary executions.

Second point is not all suspected user/pushers were killed, the ones who were killed are those who violently resisted and fought the authorities that endangered the lives of policemen and people around the premises during a legit police operations.

Lastly, there are huge numbers of users/pushers who surrendered and willing to change their lives for good. That’s again 712, 848 surrendered illegal drug users/pushers VS. 1,350 victims of illegal drug users/pushers VS. 1,105 killed illegal drug users/pushers due to violently resisting arrest. Now compare.

One word, FAIRNESS.

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