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Di Ako Choosy!

5 Feb , 2016   Velle

I’m not Choosy!

Is to have a crush with men of various sizes, shapes and colors an abnormality?

Is it unusual not to have a common feature or trait among the men you find attractive?

A close friend’s observation of my diverse list of crushes (interpretation: most of them are not good looking) got me to thinking, is something wrong with my emotional make-up, at least in reference to men?

While most of my friends look for a particular feature in men like being chinito, mestizo, long hair, bald, tall, handsome, I don’t!!!

I am not very particular with physical attributes, not that I have the right to be  choosy or fastidious is making choices, I just don’t have physical preference.

He can be abnormally tall, unfortunately short, extraordinarily thin, excessively fat or simply chubby and still end up as the apple of my 125-150 vision-eyes.

He may have large eyes, his ears and his two front teeth may give Bugs a run for his money, his hair can be curly, straight or loosing it, his color may be fair, dark, darker and darkest and still be truly attractive for me.

While I am sure that falling in-crush with an assortment of guys doesn’t make me a flirt, in the deep recesses of my chaotic mind I do wonder if somehow my confusion when it comes to what I really like in a guy can be classified as some sort of anomaly in the world of psychology?

To better understand the diversity of my choices I have actually considered drawing a chart with the photos of the men that I used to like and currently like with their traits as captions, the very reason they ended up on my list – unfortunately for them.

As much as I would like to share this illustration, drawing it would be too much of an effort and would need time which I sadly don’t have enough of plus I don’t have a picture of all of them, needless to say let’s just keep this chart imaginary and protect the poor guys from exposure and myself from further shame.

Anyway, just by running the long list of my crushes in my mind I believe I have somehow answered my question.

Besides, I prefer that some of them remain a secret.

Allow me instead to enumerate the silly and sane reasons why this Venus falls in crush and eventually falls in love with Mars.

The smart looking guy in the terminal who seem to have all the colors of the short sleeves barong whom I keep seeing every morning, the ragged looking chap in his tattered jeans and sneakers who’s always in the same bus as I am every night or the four-eyed geek in the elevator – seeing all these characters regularly is reason enough for poor me to fall in-crush with them regardless if they’re good looking or not, especially when you know that they also recognize you.

An acquaintance who acknowledges your existence by saying hi, nodding or waving is another pogi point for me.

Or it could be a random stranger who accidentally smiled at me or simply asked for a direction and remembered to say thanks, a gentleman who offers his seat to a generic looking girl like me, a caller with a kind or sexy or handsome voice – as shallow as these may all seem, these can actually trigger whatever it is in my brain to decide that…..hey, i like you!


Di ako choosy, again di talaga ako choosy and I fall-in-crush so easily!

After a thousand crushes and still counting, I now know why!

Because I tend to see and appreciate what others don’t notice like a smile, a thank you, a look of recognition, an act of chivalry and a sense of confidence with the way they carry themselves, these for me is too much to be ignored.

I am more attracted to what a guy exudes from within rather that what he has physically.

It’s not that I don’t have good looking crushes, I do, but then their looks says it all, no need to justify why birds suddenly appear every time they are near………… Kaya di ako choosy!



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